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The granite stone production unit is one of the sub-groups of Mehr Holding, which started its activity in the field of research and development of granite products since 2016, and after 263 days of research and investigation and communication with large production and training groups abroad and at home. The country and using the best methods of the world started its production activity with the production of granite stones for large producers in the country and with the passage of time and the change of the general policies of the group, it entered a new chapter of its activities and with the Draco brand since In 2019, it entered the market of granite sinks production and export to the Persian Gulf area, and to advance the goals of the collection, it has entered the domestic market since2023

  • Quality in production
  • The best material
  • Expert force
  • after sales service

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Quality in production

The Best Material

After Sales Service

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With the grace of God and by employing the best Iranian experts and using the best materials and methods in the world, Draco's production line has been able to provide luxury and quality products.

This unique collection intends to provide its products to our dear compatriots in the shortest possible time during the detailed planning of the sales managers in prestigious stores all over the country.

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42Variety of colors and models
1620+Satisfied customer
15+Expert force
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Myths about granite sinks

Granite sinks are completely anti-scratch

This type of granite sink has no exterior at all
For this reason, the esteemed consumers of granite sinks should be diligent in maintaining and using the product correctly.
Do not use rough and wire cleaners to clean granite sinks

Rapid breakage of granite sinks

There is no granite product that is unbreakable and will definitely break if hit hard. If the granite sinks are transported and installed correctly, the probability of breaking is very low and they are very resistant during use

Granite sinks are difficult to maintain and clean

Granite sinks give customers a good feeling after installing them in the kitchen due to the variety of colors and designs. Therefore, if used, original materials should be used and purchased from reputable brands. It will not stain or absorb stains in any way. If a similar case happens, the collection is obliged to replace the purchased product, which includes the warranty

High resistance to temperature

There is no granite sink that can withstand direct heat. But granite sinks from reputable brands and collections have significant resistance to indirect heat