Tools needed to install a granite sink

Among the tools needed to install a granite sink, we can mention a drill, screwdriver, soft sandpaper, aquarium glue, and a rotary drill. Technical and expert people who work in the fields of installation and cabinet making have these tools in their toolbox. It is recommended that if you are not interested in technical work and do not have much patience, avoid installing the sink by yourself

How to install granite sink and dishwasher faucet

  • First of all, make sure that the cabinet and its column are level
  • Determine the location of the dishwasher faucet on the granite sink
  • Drill the desired place on the sink with a 35 mm drill
  • To install the granite sink, fix the granite sink fasteners in place on the metal strip
  • Use aquarium glue for better sealing around the edge under the cabinet
  • After placing the granite sink correctly, fasten the fasteners from below
  • Now put the dishwasher faucet in its place and fix it from below
  • If you have used aquarium glue, you can water off the excess before it dries

In Granite Singh sinks, we do not have a left or right basin

One of the points that exist in steel sinks and should be taken into consideration when buying and installing them is that they have right and left basins. In steel sinks, the location of the faucet is specified and drilled during production, and this determines the location of the basin and tray in the cabinet in some sink models, for example, when the faucet is on the top and the basins are on the left and the tray. If it is on the right side, this model is called the left basin sink, and the opposite point is called the right basin sink. It is very important to know the importance of this issue in the design of the cabinet and the placement of its siphon and waste water. Generally, left basin sinks are very popular in Iran. Considering that most of us are interested in placing the dishes on the right side of the tray or water dispenser after washing.
During the production of granite sinks, no holes are made for the location of the sink faucet, and this is done during the installation of the granite sink.This point makes you not worry when buying this product whether the product you have chosen is compatible with your cabinet design or not. And each of the sinks will have the ability to be converted into a right basin and a left basin. These advantages have two features

  • Consumers and buyers will have less worries when buying the product
  • Agents and distributors allocate less capital to purchase and store it, because for each model of a steel sink, they have to store a right basin model and a left basin model, which involves a significant amount of capital and warehouse space. will do

There is no cutting template in the installation of granite sinks

At the time of installing built-in steel sinks, there is usually a template or cutting dimensions already available, which makes the installation of steel sinks more accurate and easier, but because the production process of granite sinks is heat-generating, it is possible to change the dimensions, although very little, and this causes When installing the granite sink, there must be a granite sink to measure and cut the plate on the cabinet

Source: Ovenex website

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